Southern Hush Puppies

Every Southerner knows that a plate of fried shrimp or fish is not complete without a basket of hot hush puppies. Hush puppies are such a beloved tradition that they can be found in divey barbecue joints and even in upscale Southern restaurants, made with artisanal cornmeal and additions like fresh herbs or pork belly.

No self-respecting plate of fried fish, bowl of gumbo or BBQ spread shows up without a golden fried hush puppy or 3 tucked in somewhere. This easy recipe for authentic, homemade Southern Hush Puppies makes it simple to serve piping hot baskets of hush puppies that are crisp on the outside, tender and fluffy on the inside and loaded with savory cornbread flavor.

At the North Carolina fish shack my family has frequented for 40 years, the daily catch changes — but the steady supply of golden, fried hush puppies remains constant. That rings true throughout the South: A basket of the steaming cornmeal fritters is a must-have accompaniment to any plate of fried fish or barbecue.

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