Italian Stromboli Recipe

A sandwich is a sandwich, but sandwich fillings baked up in braided, seasoned dough is a Stromboli. Or maybe a calzone, depending on what you put into it. Either way, this small carb change makes all the difference in this Italian Stromboli recipe.

If you want to impress the pants off anyone, make a homemade Stromboli. I don’t know why everyone thinks they’re hard to make but there super duper easy and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Plus, when you make a Stromboli at home, you can fill it with whatever you want. It’s not that difficult to do….but our favorite is a traditional Italian Stromboli filled with all the same things you’d find in an Italian Hoagie. And in our neck of the woods (Philly, Philly,), you can order your Italian Hoagie as a grinder….which is just an open faced Italian Stromboli that’s been baked, basically.

This homemade Stromboli Recipe combines all the deliciousness of pizza, but stuffed into a warm and crispy dough pocket. Learn how to make stromboli in less than one hour!

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