2 Ingredient Lemon Cake Bars

2 Ingredient Lemon Bars are so easy to make! All you need is a box of Angel Food Cake and a can of Lemon Pie Filling! Mix them together to make delicious easy Lemon Bars.

I love easy recipes! Recipes that you can throw together super fast and have a scrumptious treat! That is exactly what this 2 ingredient easy Lemon Bars Recipe offers!

You can have this ready to go in less than a couple of minutes and have a hot yummy Lemon Bar on the plate in front of you in less than 30 minutes. Hello YUM!!!

I made these for a work party John was hosting. All of the Park Rangers were working together and I figured they would not complain if I brought out a sweet treat. Let’s just say the plate of Lemon Bars was empty in a few quick seconds!

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