Hints for the perfect Homemade Strawberry Cake! This 100% from-scratch recipe uses fresh strawberries in the cake and in the homemade buttercream.

We had last month made a strawberry cake that was to-die-for that used a cake mix and gelatin, but you wanted a strawberry cake from scratch without gelatin. You asked for it, and we didn’t quit ’til we had it down. Ok….so I did quit, but then decided I couldn’t let the challenge go and picked it up again.

Since my husband and my sister and both of my sisters-in-law love strawberry cake, I thought I’d give it a try! I asked for the recipe and she graciously shared (and said I could share here)!

Here are a couple of other quotes from my clients who love this cake:

Rose!!! You outdid yourself once again!!! The cake was perfectly gorgeous and oh my goodness, best tasting cake ever!!!!! Thank you again!!! ~ Betsy

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