Taco Spaghetti Recipe

This Taco Spaghetti Recipe has the best of both worlds: Classic flavors of tacos combined with savory homestyle spaghetti. The ingredients in this recipe blend together perfectly for the best combination of flavors. Your family will want this meal every week!

One-pot taco spaghetti is a fast-as-can-be weeknight dinner that pairs all your favorite taco fixin’s with spaghetti rather than taco shells. It’s perfect for those nights when you just cannot stand the thought of a sink full of dirty dishes. Everything here comes together in one pot—from browning the beef to simmering the sauce, even boiling the spaghetti! Read on for our top tips for making this one-pot spaghetti the best it can be:

This simple, kid-friendly taco spaghetti casserole is a perfect mashup of two favorites, and the cheesy goodness is ready in less than an hour!
This 30-minute Taco Spaghetti recipe has become a reader favorite, racking up millions of views and countless 5-star reviews since 2019. It’s one of my most popular recipes and a family favorite for good reason – it’s quick, easy, and perfect for customization.

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