The cake is beautiful, moist, and delicious. The cream cheese frosting is used only for piping (perhaps with a star tip) around the top of the cake, outlining a pool for the whipped cream. My suggestion is to halve the recipe for cream cheese frosting if you don’t want lots of leftover frosting. It’s a beautiful cake and if you’re traveling with it, easy to take the plain layers with you, then add the berries and the whipped cream and assemble it when you arrive. Frosting comes in decorator tubes now so you could purchase that, attach a decorator tip, and then make the well for the whipped cream. Voila’, easy and impressive cake!

I made this cake for some people I work with and it was a big hit. But instead of making it totally from scratch I used a yellow cake mix and substuited buttermilk for the milk and butter flavored crisco for the butter. I also used only 1/2 cup of sugar. I also used a dash of almond extract in the cream and frosting. and used 16 ounces of cream cheese in the frosting with just a dash of buttermilk to lossen it up for pipeing. The cake was awesome.

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