Quick Coconut and Sweetened Milk Dessert in 15 Minutes.

With only 2 ingredients, you can easily make Coconut Condensed Milk that turns out just as silky, creamy, and sweet as its dairy counterpart. Use this dairy-free version in any recipe that calls for traditional sweetened condensed milk and be amazed at the result.

This sweetened condensed coconut milk recipe is a perfect substitute for making dairy-free treats! This recipe can be sugar-free as well.

You only need 2 ingredients and a little patience to make this homemade coconut milk condensed milk. Use as a dairy free substitute for traditional sweetened condensed milk in ice coffee, desserts and so much more!

These coconut macaroons are super easy to fix, calling for just three ingredients. They are a simple combination of flaked sweetened coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla flavoring. They’re also gluten free, making them an ideal treat for those watching their gluten intake.

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