Are you ready to elevate your snack game with a deliciously crispy treat? Look no further than these irresistible Okra Patties. Whether you’re craving a savory side dish or a delightful snack, these golden-brown patties are sure to hit the spot. Follow this simple recipe and prepare to be amazed!

“My favorite way to use okra, and besides…it is good. I usually make this in the summer when okra is plentiful, but I have also used frozen okra successfully. NOTE: I should have put this notice here before, but just didn’t think! Okra should be chopped by hand. The food processor makes it way to slimey to work with.”

These fried okra patties are made from fresh okra and onion in a cornmeal batter. A delightful southern-style snack.

Raise your hand if you’re an okra lover! Even if you think you don’t like okra, you will love these okra fritters. Tons of fresh chopped okra, onion, and a little bit of jalapeño are folded into a seasoned batter made with cornmeal and buttermilk and then pan fried to perfection.

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