Luxurious Caramel Apple Cheesecake

The creamiest cheesecake topped with soft apples and a simple, elegant caramel sauce inspired by English toffee.

Cream cheese was always a must. But cheesecake made entirely with cream cheese is often too firm and crumbly, so cutting it with another dairy was needed. I tested with heavy cream, mascarpone, and crème fraîche, but settled on sour cream, which adds creaminess and tang to balance the sweetness of the cheesecake.

In my opinion, plain cheesecake is too decadent on its own and requires the addition of fruit. At Gramercy Tavern, we often caramelize sugar on top of the cheesecake, just like you would do with crème brûlée, and serve it with seasonal fruit like raspberries, figs, or concord grapes. But while it’s easy to brûlée individual miniature cheesecakes, it is harder to do so with one large cheesecake. The solution? Making a quick caramel sauce. Cooking apples in it creates a complex and flavorful topping that looks equally delicious and dramatic.

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