Jalapeno Bottle Caps

Make your own crispy, crunchy, restaurant style battered and fried Jalapeño Bottle Caps (fried jalapeno pepper slices) at home! Spicy and delicious, they are the perfect appetizer or snack. They’re also amazing when tossed onto sandwiches and burgers!

Deep fried appetizers are my absolute favorite. Everything tastes better fried. Among my favorite fried foods,………..these Deep Fried Jalapeno Slices.

They have a wonderful batter that fries up both crispy and light. Frying jalapenos takes some bite out of them, but they still have plenty of heat. I like to douse them in Ranch dressing to cool them off a little.

Ready for a totally addictive, spicy, crispy snack?? Make Fried Jalapeños! In this recipes, fresh jalapeños are beer battered and fried until perfect crispiness (and don’t worry I have substitutions if you do NOT want to use beer). The spicy jalapeño bites are SO GOOD with the creamy dipping sauce. This is a great budget-friendly appetizer.

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