These Ground Beef Tostadas are the latest incarnation — they are tremendously satisfying and a welcome upgrade to the beef hardshell tacos I grew up with 🙂

The fixings-to-tortilla ratio is much higher compared to hardshell tacos. You’ll still get the crunch of the corn tortilla, but the flavor of your fixings is at the forefront and I like that lately — give ’em a try if it’s been awhile since you’ve had tostadas.

Zesty Beef Tostadas are a fun twist on tacos! Crispy, crunchy tortilla shells are topped with ground beef and refried beans.

Fun fact about me – when given the choice between tacos or tostadas, I’m choosing tostadas 90% of the time. (I think it’s the crispy tortilla that gets me.) These ground beef tostadas are my most favorite variation yet!

I think the star of the show has to be the ground beef. It’s a savory mixture flavored with a variety of Mexican spices then slow-simmered with saucy fire roasted tomatoes! This flavor-packed meat paired with zesty refried beans and a crispy tostada shell are a match made in heaven! Plus they come together in no time at all!

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