Last summer I was daydreaming about pie and my thoughts turned to new pie creations for Thanksgiving. I have my traditional pie favorites, but every year I like to experiment with at least one or two new ideas to mix up the expected. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love brownies. There are probably at least a dozen different brownie recipes. But no brownie pie recipe until now!

I’m not much of a pie baker. And since I know so many people that are – I usually decide to cut my losses and stick to cake instead.

I’ll leave the pies to all the grandmas who can whip up flaky pie perfection without a recipe, eyes closed, in 20 minutes flat. And maybe in 40 years if I become a grandma, I’ll magically get that apple pie baking gene.

But I have a weakness for brownies. And when I got the idea of making a brownie pie – I knew it was time to face my pie crust fears. Because a fudgy, super chocolate-y brownie encased in flaky pie crust is clearly a necessary life goal. And a perfect way to foray into the realm of pie without facing the stiff competition.

The brownie pie puffs up as it bakes, and the tops gets crackly and delicious. But the inside stays gooey, rich, and super chocolatey. I wanted mine to stay all chocolate, but you could mix in walnuts if that is more your thing. I am not a fan of nuts in desserts, so I skipped that part.

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