Creamy Parmesan Tuscano Soup

Zuppa Toscana is oh-so-good! This recipe has just the right amount of spice to keep you coming back for more!

This creamy soup is so satisfying. You can keep it mild or spice it up. The flavors and textures are hearty and bold. Perfect for rainy weather. Topped with crispy crumbled bacon, parmesan cheese and served with your favorite crusty bread. Yum!

This is a super simple, one-pot, soup with pasta and Italian sausage that’s packed with flavour and eats like a meal! The star of the show is Italian sausage which brings a ton of flavour all by itself. This soup is filled out with pasta which is cooked in the soup, making for an easy one-pot meal. Seasonings include onions, garlic, fennel, and Italian herbs, along with some red pepper flakes for even more heat. In addition to all of the flavour that’s already packed in, the broth is a base of chicken broth with tomatoes and it’s made nice and creamy, and oh so good, with cream, cream cheese and plenty of parmesan cheese! There is something that’s just magical about the flavour combo of Italian sausage and tomatoes in a creamy parmesan broth! This soup is the perfect comfort food for cool winter days!

The creamiest, flavour-packed Tuscan soup with tortellini and sausage, baby spinach and sun dried tomatoes is the ultimate winter comfort food!

On the table in 30 minutes, this hearty soup is the perfect easy dinner for busy weeknights!

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