Broccoli Cashew Crunch Salad

There are so many reasons to love this Broccoli Cashew Crunch Salad! For starters, it’s super colorful and full of fresh and crunchy textures. It includes ingredients like broccoli, carrots, bell pepper, and cashews. So, it’s really no surprise that it’s loaded with nutrients, too. This salad is also chock-full of sweet, earthy flavors and can be thrown together in as little as ten minutes! What’s not to love?

This was on the table at a potluck cast party/Christmas party, and I hunted down the chef and begged her for the recipe. I’m not usually a nuts-in-nondesserts kind of person, but this stuff is amazing! Trust me, try it…

It is definitely a no-share kind of salad. Super crunchy broccoli that’s broiled long enough just to get a little colour on it but not so long that it loses its crunch. Salty, crisp bacon cooked up with shallots and cashews and cooked until dark, sticky and spicy with brown sugar and red pepper flakes. And the dressing… aahhhhh, the dressing. A rich, sweet, salty, tangy mix of almond butter, lime juice and maple syrup that just makes this whole thing sing. It’s so good I could make a smoothie out of it. But I won’t. Or at least I won’t admit to it if I do.

Chopping all the elements of this salad into bite sized pieces ensures that every single mouthful is loaded with all the good things that make up this irresistible dish. It is best eaten it with a spoon.

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