Baked Hot Dogs in the Oven

My family loves hot dogs and one of the easiest ways to cook hot dogs is in the oven. My Oven-Baked Hot Dogs recipe is quick and easy to prepare, simply place the hot dogs into the hot oven, while you get on with preparing your favorite hot dog toppings.

These are my personal favorite way to cook a hot dog. The skin becomes crisp while the interior remains extremely juicy. They are more on the well done side because that’s how I like them. If you prefer them not as well done reduce the cooking time and keep an eye on them. Enjoy!

While he and his neighborhood crew would settle for a boiled dog, I miss the sizzle of a skillet-seared, air-fried, or grilled hot dog. Now, when I’m feeding a crowd of hungry kids (and kids at heart!), I skip the simmer and click on the oven instead.

Here’s how to make oven-baked hot dogs that the whole family will love.

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