Amish Baked Custard

Among the many classic desserts out there, custards are one of the most pleasing. They’re easy to eat and have a richness that no pudding can touch thanks to a generous amount of eggs in the mix. Not surprisingly this type of dessert is often referred to as an egg custard, but it’s also called an Amish custard. The Amish are well known for their decadent desserts and made-from-scratch delicacies, as you’ll know if you’ve ever bought any Amish treats in your travels. But, this was once a popular dish all across the country- particularly in farming areas where fresh eggs were plentiful.

To begin making this recipe you’ll need to combine a can of sweetened condensed milk and some hot water. Then temper the eggs by adding a little bit of the hot milk mixture into the beaten eggs. Repeat a few times and then you can combine both bowls fully.

Only after the eggs have been tempered should you add in some vanilla extract. Then pour the mixture into ramekins to bake or use a 2-quart pan and then dish out individual servings at dessert time.

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